bartender wanted

     “Some little nobody was copying the way she killed people.”


Bartender Wanted introduces the Rose Leary series, tales of chilling suspense and cold-blooded murder spiked with generous dashes of humor.

Gritty glamour in 1980s New York City doesn’t come cheap. To afford even her fifth-floor walkup, Rose Leary needs a gig. Bartending at a neighborhood joint subsidizes her writing career, even if she does fill a dead woman’s platforms.

Rose speculates about who killed her predecessor, but her novel’s looming deadline demands she dedicate all creativity to her fiction. When another bartender dies, Rose pictures her name scrawled at the top of the murderer’s hit lit. Even sarcasm can’t shield her from this coming danger.

Frightening phone calls and ominous gifts turn everyone she meets into a suspect. Dead flowers dirty her hallway, and her phone shrills menace. Terror invades her life and paralyzes her writing. Determined to defeat her fear, Rose struggles to expose the killer in a desperate race to save herself and her work.

Set in the West Village restaurant scene, Bartender Wanted resurrects a city where fishmongers and greengrocers fill the stores now colonized by designers, and brawny butchers still work in the Meatpacking District.

Written with wit, intelligence, and a distinctive style, the Rose Leary series creates a signature cocktail so intoxicating it keeps readers coming back for more.

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